2024 Mid West
Economic Summit

Investing Today for Tomorrow

Welcome to the 2024

Mid West Economic Summit

The Mid West Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s 2024 Economic Summit, themed “Investing today for tomorrow,” is poised to offer a comprehensive examination of the drivers and announced investments propelling our region’s economic growth. This summit aims to provide a 12-month snapshot, illuminating both current achievements and future prospects.

Building upon reflections from the 2023 Summit, this forum will boldly confront challenges head-on. Industry leaders will scrutinize the existing economic landscape to identify opportunities for leveraging regional assets towards growth. Key areas of emphasis encompass addressing housing construction demands, cultivating the local workforce, navigating immigration dynamics, promoting STEM education, and positioning the Mid West as an attractive residential destination.

Furthermore, the summit will delve into regional strengths, such as diverse economies encompassing resources, rare earths mining and manufacturing, agriculture, aquaculture, technology, innovation, tourism, education, health, and liveability. By focusing on these assets, industry stakeholders can develop strategies to harness regional potential for sustainable growth.

The forum’s central question about the viability of regionally driven solutions is pertinent. Indeed, regional solutions founded on local insights and collaboration can offer tailored responses to unique challenges. By empowering local stakeholders and fostering collaboration, the Mid West can develop resilient strategies that address its specific needs and capitalize on its distinct strengths. Through such approaches, the region can chart a path towards enduring economic prosperity.

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